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Istruzioni per l'uso American Standard, Modello SERIN T064.60X

Produttore : American Standard
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DO: SIMPLY RINSE THE PRODUCT CLEAN WITH CLEAR WATER. DRY WITH A SOFT COTTON FLANNEL CLOTH. DO NOT: DO NOT CLEAN THE PRODUCT WITH SOAPS, ACID, POLISH, ABRASIVES, HARSH CLEANERS, OR A CLOTH WITH A COARSE SURFACE. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: 1 INSTALL DIVERTER When finished tiling the wall, remove PLASTER GUARD (1). Remove two screws that secure the DIVERTER LID (2) and remove Lid. Inspect the inside surface of diverter port. Diverter port must be free of any dirt. Clean if necessary. Install DIVERTER (3) with SCREWS (4) removed with DIVERTER LID (2). Operate DIVERTER (3). DIVERTER (3) should slide in and out smoothly. 1 4 3 DIVERTER PORT 2 INSTALL VALVE TRIM Figure 1. Push CAP (1) over VALVE CARTRIDGE (2) until seated against stop. Push CAP (3) over DIVERTER (4) until seated against stop. Figure 2. Push ESCUTCHEON HOLDER (5) onto CAP (1) and attach to valve body with SCREWS (6). Mount ESCUTCHEON SUPPORT (7) to ESCUTCHEON HOLDER (5) with SCREWS (8). Figure 3. Install ESCUTCHEON (9) onto CAP (1) and push flush against finished wall. Escutcheon (9) will snap fit onto ESCUTCHEON SUPPORT (7). 1 2 3 4 1 1 Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. 2 M968836 Rev.1.4 5 6 9 7 8 7 5 Unthread LEVER HANDLE, loosen SET SCREW and pull HANDLE off valve stem. To remove Escutcheon assembly reverse steps in Step 3. TO GAIN ACCESS TO VALVE FOR SERVICING Remove CARTRIDGE (1) by removing CARTRIDGE SCREWS (2). Remove three SCREWS (3) from FIXATION RING (4) and pull out PRESSURE BALANCING (5) unit. Clean SEALS (9) on base of CARTRIDGE (1). Check base of PRESSURE BALANCING UNIT (5) and clean O-RINGS (6). Remove CAPS (7) and check O-RINGS on inside of CAPS (7). Clean inside sealing surfaces of VALVE BODY (8). Re-assemble PRESSURE BALANCING UNIT (5) and CARTRIDGE (1). Tighten all screws. Turn on water supply and see above for installing TRIM and HANDLE. VALVE LEAKS WHEN SHUT OFF BACK TO BACK INSTALLATION ROTATE 180° BACK TO BACK INSTALLATION Remove PRESSURE BALANCE UNIT (5). Rotate PRESSURE BALANCE UNIT (5) 180° so that the inlets face up and the large outlet port faces down. Push PRESSURE BALANCE UNIT (5) in casting make sure inlets line up with holes in bottom of casting. Top flange should butt up against top of casting. Reassemble FIXATION RING (4) and CARTRIDGE (1). Remove PRESSURE BALANCE UNIT (5). Remove CAPS (7) and clean valve thoroughly. Examine balancing unit and check condition of O-ring on end of piston. Piston should move back and forth. Order Repair Part M952100-0070A if balancing unit is defective. Replace CAPS (7) and install PRESSURE BALANCE UNIT (5). Make sure inlets line up with two holes in bottom of casting. Top flange should butt-up against top of casting. UNABLE TO MAINTAIN CONSTANT TEMPERATURE 1 9 2 5 5 7 8 6 4 3 INLETS LARGE OUTLET PIPE PLUG 4 INSTALL HANDLE, DIVERTER KNOB, TUB SPOUT AND SHOWER 5 6 Remove pipe cap and plug from shower and tub rough piping. Install SPOUT ESCUTCHEON (9) onto TUB SPOUT (10). Apply sealant or Teflon tape to threads of tub filler nipple. Thread TUB SPOUT (10) onto tub nipple. Install SHOWER ESCUTCHEON (11) onto SHOWER ARM (12). Apply sealant or Teflon tape to threads on both ends of SHOWER ARM (12) and thread longer leg of SHOWER ARM (12) into shower elbow. Thread SHOWER HEAD (13) onto SHOWER ARM (12). ADJUST HOT LIMIT STOP By restricting HANDLE rotation and limiting the amount of hot water allowed to mix with the cold, the HOT LIMIT SAFETY STOP (1) reduces risk of accidental scalding. To set the maximum hot water temperature of your faucet, all you need to do is adjust the setting on the HOT LIMIT SAFETY STOP (1). 151311975310 3 Turn CARTRIDGE STEM (2) to the OFF position (coldest setting) before making adjustment to HOT LIMIT STOP (1). Use a flat blade screwdriver to pry free the HOT LIMIT SAFETY STOP (1). Pull forward and rotate counterclockwise one number to limit hot water temperature. Use ARROW (3) on CARTRIDGE (4) and NUMBERS (5) on HOT LIMIT STOP (1) for indication. 1 5 4 3 2 15131197531 15131197531 COLDER (Larger Numbers) 0 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 HOTTER (Smaller Numbers) 0 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 1 5 4 3 2 9 13 12 11 2 4 CAUTION: Protect finish on SHOWER HEAD and ARM when installing. SHR. ELBOW TUB NIPPLE M968836 Rev.1.4 Thread DIVERTER KNOB (1) onto diverter stem. PIPE CAP 10 Hold ADAPTER (2) onto VALVE STEM (3) and install ADAPTER SCREW (4) through ADAPTER (2) into VALVE STEM (3).Tighten ADAPTER SCREW (4) to secure ADAPTER (2) to VALVE STEM (3). Install HANDLE BASE (5) onto ADAPTER (2). Insert SET SCREW (6) into HANDLE BASE (5). Align HANDLE BASE (4) and tighten with HEX WRENCH (7) supplied. 1 3 7 A953929-0070A DIVERTER KIT M962209-YYY0A SPOUT KIT M962495-YYY0A TUB SPOUT ESCUTCHEON T064.60X MODEL NUMBER A950842-YYY0A ESCUTCHEON WITH DIVERTER SERIN™ M909917-YYY0A DIVERTER KNOB M907053-YYY0A CAP M907103-YYY0A DIVERTER COVER M968836 Rev.1.4 BATH/SHOWER TRIM KIT WITH DIVERTER 922388-YYY0A STREAM STRAIGHTENER M962818-YYY0A DEEP ROUGH KIT (NOT SHOWN) A918477-0070A HANDLE SCREW M918039-0070A HANDLE ADAPTER H...

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