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Istruzioni per l'uso Rosewill, Modello SOLAR POWERED GARDEN LIGHT RSL-100

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Hope it bring you fun! How the Solar Light Works The solar light is powered by solar energy. There is 1pc rechargeable battery inside the light. The battery is used to store the electricity which is converted from the solar energy by the solar panel on the top of the solar light, and then to release it to have the light on automatically at dusk. The solar light should be installed in a place away from cover or shade where it can get sufficient sunlight during the day. Installation Instructions PLEASE HAVE A CHECK TO ENSURE ALL PARTS ARE INCLUDED AND UNDAMAGED. STEP1. Remove the top cover off the solar light head by twist, and find the switch in the top cover and set it to ON. (Fig. 1) And then, put the top cover back. STEP2. Assemble the solar light head, pole and ground stake together and insert the solar light into the ground. (Fig. 2) REMARK: Do not push the solar light on the solar panel when inserting it into the around. I Top cover ON-OFF Fig.1 Pole Ground stick Battery Replacement Fig.2 There is 1pcs AAA 400mAh Ni-Cd rechargeable battery inside the top cover of the solar light. Generally speaking, the life span of the batteries is approximately one year, around 500 times charges, depending on proper use and climate conditions in your area. If the solar light is dim after 3 to 4 hours working at night when the batteries are fully charged, that means the batteries need replacing. Once you have them replaced, please leave the solar light outdoor and have the batteries charged for at least 6 hours in sufficient sunlight so that they can fully charge up before using. ------Replacement Steps------ STEP1. Set the switch to OFF. (Fig.1) STEP2. Replace the battery with new one of the same type. 2 Solar Powered Garden Light / Eclairage solaire de jardin RSL-100 User Manual Operating Time The operating time is up to 8 hours in normal conditions, but it will differ depending on location, seasons and whether. It will operate longer in the summer while less in the winter. Also, it will operate longer following sunny days and shorter following cloudy days. Please install the light properly in order to get sufficient sunlight to the maximum. Problem Solution (1) Keep the solar panel clean, or the conversion rate will decrease which will result in inadequate charge to the batteries. Please clean the solar panel with a neutral detergent and wet cloth. Be careful not to damage the panel. (2) When replacing the battery, make sure that they are put in the right directions, anode “+” and cathode “-”. (3) Move the switch to ON. (4) Move the light to where it can get sufficient sunlight. (5) Please make sure that the solar light is away from any light source, such as porch light, street light and so on, because it may cause the solar light to turn off automatically. Warning (1) Prevent the solar panel from being covered. (2) Install the fixture in a stable location away from vibrations. (3) Do not use it as a child’s toy. (4) Do not modify the product for other usage. (5) Keep the product away from fire. Technical Data Rechargeable Batteries: 1 x AAA 400mAh Ni-Cd Light emitting diode (LED): 1pc super bright white LED Solar panel: high-efficient polycrystalline solar panel Thank you for purchasing a quality Rosewill Product. Please register your product at : for complete warranty information and future support for your product. 3...

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