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Istruzioni per l'uso Casio, Modello YK-5

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Keep these instructions in a safe place for future reference. • The contents of these instructions are subject to change without notice. • Copying of these instructions, either in part or their entirety, is forbidden. You are allowed to use these instructions for your own personal use. Any other use is forbidden without the permission of CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. • CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. shall not be held liable for any lost profits or claims from third parties arising out of the use of this product or these instructions. ¦ Connecting the Projector to a Computer Connect the projector to the computer as shown in the illustration below. Projector Commercially available serial cable (straight) Computer Round connector Serial port (RS-232C) YK-5 D-Sub 9-pin (female) D-Sub 9-pin (male) Serial port* D-Sub 9-pin (female) * A D-Sub 9-pin (male) type connector is standard for computer serial ports, but there may be cases where the shape of a particular computer’s connector is different. For details about connecting a commercially available serial cable to your computer, see the user documentation that comes with it. ¦ Using Control Commands This section explains the commands that are used to control the projector from a computer. Important! Impor ImporImportant! tant!tant! • The commands that will be available to you depend on your projector model. Refer to your projector’s User’s Guide for information about the menu items and button functions supported by your projector. Example: Some models do not support “Lamp Time Reset”. Command Send Format Communication Protocol Configure your computer’s serial port with the following settings. Data Rate 19200bps Data Bit 8bit Parity None Stop Bit 1bit Flow Control None Read Command Send this command when you want information about the current setup of the data projector. Send Format (?) Receive Format (,) Command Send Example sent from the computer to the projector. 4 returned from the projector to the computer. Write Command Send this command to control the data projector (power on/off, etc.) and to write data to it. Send Format () Command Send Example sent from the computer to the projector. 4Projector volume setting becomes 0 (mute). ( VO L ? ) ( 0 -5 0,3 5 ) ( VO L 0 ) • See the “Command List” for details about command names and settings. • All commands use ASCII characters and decimal format integers. • The projector will return a question mark (?) when it is sent a command it cannot recognize. • Generally, the projector will ignore anything that is not a valid setting. However, in the case of a setting like VOL (volume) that has a range (defined by minimum and maximum values), sending a value that is outside the specified range will change the setting to its maximum value. • If the projector is performing a process initiated by a previously sent command, a projector key operation, or a remote controller key operation, send of the next command must wait until the projector completes the previous process. Command List • Except for the following functions, read and write cannot be performed while the projector is turned off. • Power on/off: Read • Power on: Write • Get lamp time: Read • Reset lamp time: Write (Only when the lamp reset time exceeds 2100 hours) • Input of a valid signal must be in progress in order to use a command to turn on blank screen or change the aspect ratio. R: Read enabled W: Write enabled Function Command Name RW Settings Power On/Off: After turning off a model that requires cool down, you must wait until the projector cools down before turning power back on again. After power on, wait at least one minute be turning power off. PWR RW 0: Off, 1: On Input Switching: 0: Switches the input source to the COMPUTER terminal and changes the COMPUTER terminal setting to RGB. 1: Switches the input source to COMPUTER terminal and changes the COMPUTER terminal setting to component. 2: Switches the input source to Video. 5: Switches the input source to USB. This setting is supported only when the projector is equipped with a USB function and the USB application is running. 6: Switches the input source to COMPUTER terminal and changes the COMPUTER terminal setting to Auto. SRC RW 0: RGB, 1: Component, 2: Video, 5: USB, 6: Auto (RGB/Component), 7: HDMI, 8: Wireless Blank Screen: Switches the blank screen on or off. BLK RW 0: Off, 1: On Volume: Specifies a value to adjust the volume level. This setting is applied to the input source signal that is currently being projected by the projector. VOL RW 0 to 50 (or 0 to 30)*1 Color Mode: Selects the color mode. PST RW 0: Presentation, 1: Graphics, 2: Theater, 3: Standard, 4: Blackboard, 5: Game Aspect Ratio: Specifies the aspect ratio. ARZ RW 0: Normal*2, 1: 16:9, 2: Normal*3, 3: Letter Box, 4: Full, 5: True, 6: 4:3 Optical Zoom Shift: Shifts the optical zoom setting by one step. OZM W 0: No change, 1: Shifts one step towards ...

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