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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello 30T

Produttore : ClearSounds
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It is important to instruct all potential users of its proper operation. It is advised to adjust the volume control to its minimum level (Lo) while not in use and alert other users that hearing damage can potentially result from misuse. WARNING: To avoid the possibility of electrical shock, do not use this product near water (For example, near a bathtub, wash bowl, kitchen sink or laundry tub, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool) while in the bathtub or shower or when you are wet. If the phone becomes submerged in water, do not attempt to retrieve it until after you have unplugged the line cord from the modular wall jack. Do not plug the phone back in until it has dried completely. WARNING: Avoid using the telephone during electrical storms. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning. If an electrical storm is present in your immediate area, the possibility of electrical shock exists. WARNING: Do not use the phone if you suspect a gas leak in the area. The phone’s electrical contacts could create a spark, which could ignite any heavy concentrations of leaking gas. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Congratulations on your purchase of your new ClearSounds 30T Liberty Phone! Please visit our web site at to: • Register your product • Download additional manuals and troubleshooting tips • Access free content on hearing loss The ClearSounds 30T Liberty Phone is the ultimate in simplicity. The 30T Liberty Phone is designed to provide amplification for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Please read this User Guide carefully in order to get the very best results from your telephone. Components The following items are included in your 30T Liberty Phone: • Handset • Base (Note: The handset and base are hard-wired together) • Line cord (Hard wired into base) • (2) Screws for Wall Mounting Features & Functions Connecting the Phone 1. Set the volume and ringer controls to the desired levels. 2. Plug the long line cord into the modular baseboard or wall jack. Make sure the plug snaps securely into place. NOTE: There is no limit to the number of sockets you can have installed in your home. However, there is a limit to the number of telephones you can operate on your exchange line. Installing too many telephones would overload the line, which would inhibit the telephones from ringing. To avoid overloading your exchange line there is a method of calculating the number of telephones you can use. Add all of the Ringer Equivalence Numbers (abbreviated REN) together, which are marked on the base of each telephone. Numbers differ so do check. The numbers added together must total 5 or less. The REN value of your ClearSounds 30T, is1.0. Ringer 1. The switch located above the handset microphone allows the ringer to be switched On or Off. 2. If you don’t like the ringer melody, you can choose a new one by changing the settings as follows. Low Med High Tone 1 1 2 3 Tone 2 4 5 6 Tone 3 7 8 9 The default setting is 6. Ringer switch 3. To set the ringer tone, lift the handset and press the PROG button. Then press the # button and the number 1-8 on the keypad. (See the chart above.) WARNING: when the ringer has been set to the off setting (digit 0), an incoming call will be indicated by the handset strobe light flashing. The ringer will be automatically returned to the previous setting (1 to 9) when the handset is lifted from the base unit. Operation Last Number Redial Button If the telephone number you have called is busy or if you want to repeat the call to the number you dialed previously, lift the handset, await dial tone and press the “Redial” button. The previously dialed number will be AUTOMATICALLY REDIALED. Up to 31 digits can be stored in the redial memory. Mute Button If you wish to talk privately to some one else in the room, without your caller overhearing, press and release the “Mute” button. You can now hear the caller, however the caller can not hear you. To resume normal conversation, press and release the “Mute” button. This button is also used in the programming process when storing telephone numbers in the one and two touch memories. Handset Earpiece Volume Control CAUTION: This telephone product is specifically designed for people with hearing loss. It offers a handset earpiece volume switch that can be adjusted from normal (Low) to loud (HI). Due care must be taken by all users that the handset earpiece volume switch is set to the lowest level acceptable by each respective user. Care should therefore be exercised to ensure that any other users are familiar with this requirement. The handset earpiece volume can be adjusted by moving the volume switch, located above the handset microphone, to High, Medium or Normal. Amlification switch Using The Telephone Having connected the telephone to the telephone socket, lift the handset, await dial tone, and dial required number. On the completion of the call, carefully replace handset in cradle. Memory Operation Your telephone can store up to...

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