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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello AMPLIFIED FREEDOM PHONE CSC600D

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If you want to delete the “New voice mail” text on your LCD, press the ^ in standby mode and then press and hold the key. Note: You may permanently turn off the red flashing visual indicator for both message waiting and new calls by simply setting the indicator to the OFF position (this switch is located on the underside of the telephone. CALLER ID (CID) OPERATION Reminder: Press the Back or Exit soft key from any menu to return to the previous screen. Otherwise, after 60 seconds, the phone will automatically return to the main screen from any menu if no key is pressed. In order to utilize the Caller ID features, you must subscribe to Caller ID service through you local phone service provider. There are fees for Caller ID services, and it may not be available in all areas. This product can provide information only if both you and the caller are in areas offering Caller ID service and both phone service providers use compatible equipment. 32 – ENGLISH This telephone automatically displays an incoming caller’s number/name along with the date and time of the call. It will record up to 30 calls of up to 15 digits and store the data into memory. - Receiving CID Records When you receive a call, the Caller ID information is transmitted between the first and second ring. The Caller ID information appears on the display while the phone rings, giving you a chance to monitor the information and decide whether or not to answer the call. - Storing CID Records Your telephone’s Caller ID memory stores the data for the 30 most recent calls received. When the 31st call is received, the oldest Caller ID record (1st call) is automatically deleted. You may review the stored information at any time. Calls received since your last review show as NEW in the display. Calls that have not been previously reviewed but were received from the same number more than once show as REPT in the display. - Talking Caller ID Setting Your ClearSounds® CSC600D comes from the factory preset for Talking Caller ID Mode set to ON and will announce the caller’s number between rings. To change this setting: 1. Press the Menu soft key to display the main menu list. 2. Press ^ or Ў to scroll to Set Talk and then press the Select soft key. 3. Press Ў to scroll to CID TALKING and then press the Select soft key. 4. Press ^ or Ў to select ON/OFF to activate/deactivate the dialing function and then press the Select soft key to confirm. 33 – ENGLISH Note: If you have stored a phone number in the phonebook and recorded the corresponding name, when an incoming call with this number comes in, the phone will announce the name associated with this number. See pages 37 & 38 for instructions on recording a phonebook name. - Caller ID on Call Waiting When you subscribe to Call Waiting Caller ID service from your local phone provider, the phone will display the Caller ID information of the second call while you are on the first call. 1. When you are on existing call, a tone will emit, and the Caller ID displays the incoming caller’s information. 2. Press the Call Waiting key to put the current call on hold and answer the second caller. 3. If the second call is not answered, the Caller ID information will be transferred into the Caller log. The caller information is considered “old”. 4. When you have finished with the second call, press the Call Waiting key to resume your conversation with the first caller. - Caller ID List Viewing the Caller List As calls are received and stored, the display is updated to let you know how many calls have been received. Records will be listed in the order they were received. To scroll through the CID records: 1. From the main screen, press ^ or Ў to scroll through the entries. Press Ў to review the newest CID record and press ^ to review the oldest CID record first. 34 – ENGLISH 2. If you have stored the phone number in your phonebook, the name you have entered will appear, along with the phone number. 3. If you have the Talking Review Mode set to ON, the number for each CID record will be announced as you scroll through the entries. Dialing a Number from the Caller List Press ^ or Ў to locate the desired record. If you need to change the dialing format (7 digits, 10 digits or 11 digits), simply press the * key until you see the desired format of the number you would like to dial. For example, if the original number in the Caller ID list was 800-965-9043, press the * key repeatedly to change it to 1-800-965-9043 or 965-9043. Pick up the handset or press the Speaker key to dial that number. Deleting a Single Caller List Record 1. Press ^ or Ў to locate the desired record. 2. Press the Options soft key and choose Erase and press the Select soft key. The display will show “Caller Entry Erased”. 3. Continue to select records to delete or press the Exit soft key to return to the main screen. Deleting All Caller List Records 1. Press ^ or Ў to locate any record. 2. Press the Options soft key and press Ў to scroll to Erase all and press the S...

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