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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello 40XLC

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New (un-reviewed) call information shows NEW in the display. With each new call it will automatically turn on the “New Calls / Message Waiting Indicator”, which is a small red light located on the lower right-side of the phone’s visual ringer (next to the envelope icon). NOTE: You must follow the instructions in “Set Area Code / LDS (Long Distance Service) Code” for your phone to properly recognize and dial calls out of the Caller ID stored calls (see page #27). You must program your area code so your phone can properly recognize and dial calls. NOTE: Those numbers can also be saved to your Phone Book (See pages 29-31 for instructions on setting up your phone book). NOTE: Your 40XLC stores up to 99 call records before the memory becomes full. When the next call comes in, the oldest record is automatically deleted. Call Counter Figure #35 – Caller ID Display If you answer a call before information appears on the screen, it will not be stored in the call history. Between the first and second rings the screen displays: • Your caller’s name (15 letters are sent by your phone company). • The caller’s area code and telephone number (area code is not display if it is programmed as the Home Area Code). • The time and date of the call. • The call’s position in call history. NOTE: Call information is displayed for about 30 seconds. Review Call History To review earlier calls In the hook position, 1. Using the or arrow buttons to scroll through the caller list. 2. To advance through call history from an earlier call, press the DOWN arrow button. When you have reach the end of the call history, the screen displays <>. Turn OFF the New Calls / Message Waiting Indicator Light This red light (See figure #35) will remain lit unless you do one of the following in the hook position: 1. If you do not have Caller ID or Message Waiting Service, your 40XLC will alert you that you have missed a call by causing the red indicator light to flash. To turn OFF, simply tap the down arrow button once or until the light turns off. 2. If you only have Caller ID Service, your 40XLC will continue to flash unless you review all new calls. To turn OFF, simply continue to tap the down arrow button to scroll through the Caller ID until the light turns off. 3. If you have Message Waiting Service through your local telephone company, your 40XLC will alert you that you have a message waiting after you have reviewed your Caller ID or missed calls. To turn OFF, you will need to retrieve your message(s) before the red light will go off. NOTE: The red flashing light will return with your next missed call, next call with Caller ID information or if you receive a message through Message Waiting Service. Figure #35 - New Call/ Message Waiting Indicator Remove Call Record From The Caller ID List Remove A Specific Call Record In the hook position, 1. Using the or arrow buttons to move into the list and select the required number to delete. 2. Press the C button. 3. The screen displays <>. 4. Press the C button to confirm. 5. Press the OK button to exit. Remove All Call Records In the hook position, 3. Using the or arrow buttons to move into the list and select the required number to delete. 4. Press & hold the C button until the screen displays <>. 5. Press the C button to confirm. 6. Press the OK button to exit. NOTE: Once a call is removed from call history, it cannot be retrieved. Call Waiting Your 40XLC Phone also has a Caller ID with Call Waiting feature that works with your service from the local phone service provider. Caller ID with Call Waiting lets you see who’s calling before you answer the phone even when you’re on another call. If you are on a call and a 2nd call comes in, you will hear the audible beep in the handset and the LCD will show Caller 2 and their information. If you choose to answer the call, press the FLASH button or the Phone Hook button to transfer to the 2nd caller. If you choose not to answer the 2nd call, the caller’s information will be stored in the Caller ID history and can be viewed later. Turn ON The Call Waiting Caller ID Feature In the hook position, 1. Press the MUTE button to access the Programming Menu. 2. Using the or buttons, highlight <>. 3. Press the OK button to confirm. 4. Using the or arrow buttons, scroll to select <>. 5. Press the OK button. 6. Using the arrow buttons to select <> or <> to activate or deactivate the function. 7. Press the OK button to confirm. 8. Press the C button twice to exit. NOTE: When call waiting is OFF, Caller ID information for the 2nd caller will not be displayed. You may need to change your phone service to use this feature. Contact your phone service provider if: • You have both Caller ID and Call Waiting, but as separate services (you may need combined service) • You have only Caller ID service or only Call Waiting service • You don’t subscribe to any Caller ID or Call Waiting services Display Screen Messages PRIVAT...

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