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Istruzioni per l'uso Kompernass, Modello KH 2238

Produttore : Kompernass
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Repairs are to be and/or cables to be replaced at carried out exclusively by a specialist once by qualified technicians or our firm or the service centre. • Customer Service Department. Arrange for customer service to repair or replace connecting cables Notice regarding power disconnection and/or appliances that are not • The slider switch (ON/OFF/AUTO) functioning properly or have been on this appliance does not complete- damaged. ly separate it from the power net• Only use the appliance in dry rooms. work. Additionally, the appliance consumes electricity when in standby NEVER submerse the appliance in water. Wipe it only with a slightly modus. To completely separate the appliance from the power network damp cloth. the plug must be removed from the wall socket. • Make sure that fluids or any other objects do not get inside the device. - 3 Explosion hazard! • Do not throw batteries into a fire. Do not recharge the batteries. To avoid the risks of fire or injury: • Do not place candles or other open fire sources on the appliance. • Do not use the appliance in the vicinity of hot surfaces. • Do not keep the appliance in places exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, it may overheat and become irreparably damaged. • Place the appliance in a location with adequate ventilation to prevent heat build up. • Never cover the ventilation openings! • Avoid any additional heat build up, e.g. direct sunlight, heaters, other devices, etc. • Keep children away from the connecting cable and the appliance. Children frequently underestimate the danger from electrical appliances. • Ensure that the appliance stands with a safe and secure positioning. • Do not operate the appliance if it has sustained a fall or is damaged. Arrange for the appliance to be checked and/or repaired by qualified technicians. • Keep batteries away from children. Children can put batteries into their mouths and swallow them. Thunderstorms! In the event of a thunderstorm with risk of lightning, please disconnect the appliance from the power network! Electro-magnetic fields This appliance lies within the legal limits for electromagnetic compatibility! If you still have any doubts regarding its use in bedrooms: • It is completely safe to install the clock at a distance of half a meter away from the bed. From this distance the fields are not present, even for electro-sensitive people. Note: Check the battery for power-cut protection annually, and replace it if necessary. Note: This appliance is equipped with nonslip rubber feet. As furniture surfaces may be made of a variety of materials and are treated with many different types of cleaning agents, it cannot be completely ruled out that some substances contain ingredients which may corrode the rubber rests and soften them. If possible place an anti-slip material under the feet of the appliance. - 4 Operating Elements Important! q Button HOUR w Button MIN e Button ALARM r Button TIME t SLEEP Button y Frequency scale u Button SNOOZE i Display o Slider switch (ON/OFF/AUTO) a Battery compartment s TUNING knob d Volume controller VOLUME/BUZZ f Wave band selector (AM/FM) g Slider switch for display brightness (HI/MED/LOW) h Wire aerial j Power cable k Button ALARM OFF (Only Model KH 2238) Commissioning Placing • Take the radio alarm and all ancillaries out of the packaging. • Remove all transport restraints and adhesive tape/films. Do not permit small children to play with plastic packaging. There is a risk of suffocation! • Position the radio alarm on a level and horizontal surface. Inserting the batteries Power-cut protection With the insertion of a 9 V block battery (Typ 6LR61) you can avoid that the functioning of the appliance is interrupted and programmed data, for example time and alarm times, are lost through a power cut. The battery ensures that the appliance continues to function in emergency operation during the power cut. When power is restored, the correct time automatically appears on the display i. Note: The alarm, radio and display do not function with battery-power alone. • Open the battery compartment a on the underside and insert a 9 V block battery (Type 6LR61). - 5 Interaction with batteries Leaking batteries can cause damage to the radio alarm. • If you do not intend to use the appliance for an extended period, remove the batteries. • Should the batteries leak, clean the battery compartment with a dry cloth whilst wearing protective gloves. Note: Rechargable batteries cannot be charged via the battery connection. In the event of an extended power cut (several hours), the clock and alarm times must be checked and possibly re-adjusted. Assembly Before operating the device, make sure that it is in a faultfree condition. Do not use it if it is not. • Then insert the plug into the wall power socket. Select a wall power socket that is at all times easily accessible so that the plug can be easily withdrawn in the event of a malfunction. Setting the clock If you are setting up the appliance for the ...

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