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Istruzioni per l'uso LG, Modello P990

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Facilità d'uso

Your phone must be connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/GPRS. NOTE: Google Maps does not cover all cities and countries. With the Menu key, you can select options such as Search, Directions, Starred Places, Clear Map, Join Latitude and so on. Market™ Android Market lets you download useful applications and games. If you install applications and games from Android Market, they appear in the LG-P990 menu. You can check downloaded applications by tapping Downloads tab. You can check other's comments regarding an application or you can post your own comments. Google Mail™ Google Mail is configured when you first set up your phone. Depending on your synchronisation settings, Google Mail is automatically synchronised on your phone with your Google account on the web. The inbox conversations list is your default Google Mail view. Touch the Menu key, then touch Refresh to send or receive new Google applications emails and to synchronise your emails with your Google account on the web. With the Menu key, you can compose an email, add accounts, go to labels, search and so on. Google Talk™ Google Talk is Google’s instant messaging program. It lets you communicate with other people who also use Google Talk. Touch the Menu key and tick available options as below: All friends, Add friend, Search, Sign out, Settings and so on. Google Search Touch the Menu key, then touch Search settings to configure Google search, including setting which data on your phone you want to be able to search. < Web > Touch Google search to adjust Google search settings. Show web suggestions – Tick to display suggestions for Google web searches below the Google search box as you type. Use My Location – Tick to include your location when using Google search and other Google services. When you tick this option, you are asked whether you consent to allowing Google to use your location when providing these services. Search history – Tick to use suggestions from web-based Google search history, from your Google account. Manage search history – Opens browser with a web-based interface for viewing and managing the web search history associated with your Google account. < Phone > Searchable items – Opens screen where you can tick and un tick the kinds of data you are able to search for on your phone. Clear shortcuts – Erases the list of previously chosen search results that appear as suggestions below the Google search box. YouTube™ YouTube is a free website where you can watch or upload videos. NOTE: You can access YouTube with your Google account but you need a YouTube account for some services such as video uploading. Utilities Setting your alarm Using your calculator 1 On the home screen, touch the Applications tab and select Alarm/Clock. 2 If you want to add a new alarm, touch Add alarm. 3 Set the time and repeat, alarm tone. You can also touch to set vibrate, weather info, and add a memo to name the alarm. 4 Touch Save to turn on the alarm. NOTE: To change alarm settings on alarm list screen, touch the Menu key and select Settings. You can delete alarm or adjust the below options: Alarm in silent mode, Side button behavior, Alarm volume, Set default ringtone and Weather info settings. 1 On the home screen, touch the Applications tab and select Calculator. 2 Touch the number keys to enter numbers. 3 For simple calculations, touch the function you want (+, –, x, or .), followed by =. 4 For more complex calculations, touch Menu, then choose sin, cos, tan, log, and so on. Adding an event to your calendar 1 On the home screen, touch the Applications tab and select Calendar. 2 First, you must create a Google account to use Calendar. 3 To check the event, touch the date. Touch and hold if you want to add a new event. then touch New event. 4 Touch What, then enter the event name. Check the date and enter the time you want your event to begin and finish. 5 Also, touch Where, then enter the location. 6 If you would like to add a note to your event, touch Description and enter the details. 7 If you want to repeat the Event, set Repetition, and set Reminders, if necessary. 8 Touch Done to save the event in the calendar. A coloured square in the calendar will mark all days that have saved events. An alarm will sound at the event start time to help you stay organised. Home Time Zone You can set the option “Use home time zone” & select “Home time zone” from the list. This is used to override the local time zone set by the mobile network so that time zone of your choice is applicable to Calendar and events of your phone. 1 On the idle screen, touch the Home key. 2 touch Calendar, then sign in to your account. 3 in the Calendar menu, Select Settings option. 4 Touch Use Home Time Zone and select required time zone in Home Time Zone option. Voice recorder Use the voice recorder to record voice memos or other audio files. Utilities Recording a sound or voice 1 On the home screen, touch the Applications tab and select Voice Recorder. 2 Touch Record to begin recording. 3 Touch Sto...

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