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Istruzioni per l'uso Ariston, Modello AS70CX

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Consumers should contact their local authority or retailer for information concerning the correct disposal of their old appliance. Saving energy and respecting the environment . Wring out items to eliminate excess water before tumble drying (if you use a washing machine first, select a high spin cycle). Doing this will save time and energy during drying. . Always dry full loads - you save energy: single items or small loads take longer to dry. . Clean the filter after each use to contain energy consumption costs (see Maintenance). GB Start and Laundry Warnings and Suggestions Maintenance and Installation Description Programmes Care Troubleshooting Service 7 Maintenance and Care GB Switching off the electricity ! Unplug your dryer when not using it, when cleaning it and during all maintenance operations. Clean the filter after each cycle The filter is an important part of your dryer: it accumulates lint and fluff that is formed while drying. When finished drying, clean the filter by rinsing it under running water or with your vacuum cleaner. Should the filter become clogged up, the airflow inside the dryer will be seriously compromised: drying times lengthen and you will consume more energy. It may also damage your dryer. The filter is found in front of the dryer trim (see diagram). Removing the filter: 1. Pull the plastic grip of the filter upwards (see diagram). 2. Clean the filter and replace it correctly. Ensure the filter is fully located flush into the tumble dryer trim. ! Do not use the dryer without replacing the filter. Empty the water container after each cycle Pull the container out of the dryer and empty it into a sink or other suitable drain. Replace the water container securely. Check the drum after each cycle Turn the drum manually in order to remove small items (handkerchiefs) that could have been left behind. Water container Filter Cleaning the condenser unit Periodically (every month) remove the condenser unit and clean any build up of fluff from between the plates by rinsing it under the tap with cold water. This should be done with cold water from the rear of the condenser. Removing the condenser: 1. Unplug the dryer and open the door. 2. Pull open the condenser cover (see diagram). Release the three catches by turning 90° counterclockwise then pull on the grip and remove from the dryer. 3. Clean the surface of the seals and replace, making sure that the catches have been secured. Cleaning the dryer . External parts in metal or plastic and rubber parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth. . Periodically (every 6 months) vacuum the front air intake grille and vents at the rear of the dryer, to remove any build up of fluff, lint or dust. Also to remove accumulation of fluff from the front of the condenser and filter areas, clean occassionally with a vacuum cleaner. ! Do not use solvents or abrasives. ! Your dryer uses special bearing components which do not need lubrication. ! Have your dryer checked regularly by authorised technicians to ensure electrical and mechanical safety (see Service). Rear Front Handle Condenser cover Catches Air intake Tap Condenser unit 8 Troubleshooting One day your dryer seems not to be working. Before you call your Service Centre (see Service), go through the following troubleshooting suggestions: GB Problem: The tumble dryer won’t start. Its taking a long time to dry. Possible causes / Solution: . The plug is not plugged into the socket, or not making contact. . There has been a power failure. . The fuse has blown. Try to plug another appliance into the socket. . You are using an extension cord? Try to plug the dryer’s power cord directly into the socket. . The door is not closed securely? . The TIMER knob has not been set properly (see Start and Programmes). . The START button has not been pressed (see Start and Programmes). . The filter has not been cleaned (see Maintenance). . The temperature setting is not ideal for the type of fabric you are drying (see Start and Programmes, and see Laundry). . The water container needs emptying? The empty water light is on? (see Maintenance). . The condenser needs cleaning? (see Maintenance). . The correct drying time has not been selected for the load (see Laundry). . The air intake grille or rear vents are obstructed (see Installation, and see Maintenance). . The items were too wet (see Laundry). . The dryer was overloaded (see Laundry). Start and Warnings Installation Description Programmes Laundry Suggestions Maintenance andCare Troubleshooting Service 9 Service GB Before calling the Service Centre: . Use the troubleshooting guide to see if you can solve the problem yourself (see Troubleshooting). . If not, turn off the dryer and call the Service Centre closest to you. What to tell the Service Centre: . name, address and post code. . telephone number. . the type of problem. . the date of purchase. . the appliance model (Mod.). the serial number (S/N). This information can be found on the data label inside the door of t...

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