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Istruzioni per l'uso Samsung, Modello UE32C5700QS

Produttore : Samsung
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TV - UE32C5700QS (907.9 kb)plsvfrbgnlsklt

Facilità d'uso

The Device/Network list appears. 3. Select the device you want in the Device list. 4. If security key is required, input the security key. . If network doesn’t operate normally, check the Network Name (SSID) and Security Key again. An incorrect Security Key may cause a malfunction. 04 Advanced English 29 Advanced Features Network Setup (Manual) If the other methods do not work, you need to enter the Network setting values manually. Getting the Network Connection Values To get the Network connection values on most Windows computers, follow these steps: 1. Right click the Network icon on the bottom right of the screen. 2. In the pop-up menu, click Status. 3. On the dialog that appears, click the Support tab. 4. On the Support tab, click the Details button. The Network settings are displayed. How to set up manually To enter the Network connection values manually, follow these steps: 1. Follow Steps 1 through 6 in the “How to set up using PBC (WPS)” (p. 28). 2. Press the Ў button to select Internet Protocol Setup, and then press the ENTERE button. Press the ^ or Ў button to select Manual, and then press the ENTERE button. 3. Press the Ў button to go to the first entry field (IP Address). 4. Use the number buttons to enter numbers. 5. When done with each field, use the > button to move successively to the next field. You can also use the other arrow buttons to move up, down, and back. 6. Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway values. 7. Press the ^ or Ў button to go to DNS. 8. Press the Ў button to go to the first DNS entry field. Enter the numbers as above. 9. When done, press the ^ button to go to Select a Network. Select your network, and then press the ENTERE button. 10. Go to Step 4 in the “How to set up automatically” (p. 29), and follow the directions from that point on. If Your TV Fails to Connect to the Internet Your TV may not be able to connect to the Internet because your ISP has permanently registered the MAC address (a unique identifying number) of your PC or modem, which it then authenticates each time you connect to the Internet as a way of preventing unauthorized access. As your TV has a different MAC address, your ISP can not authenticate its MAC address, and your TV can not connect. To resolve this problem, ask your ISP about the procedures required to connect devices other than a PC (such as your TV) to the Internet. If your Internet service provider requires an ID or password to connect to the Internet, your TV may not be able to connect to the Internet. If this is the case, you must enter your ID or password when connecting to the Internet. The internet connection may fail because of a firewall problem. If this is the case, contact your Internet service provider. If you cannot connect to the Internet even after you have followed the procedures of your Internet service provider, please contact Samsung Electronics at 1-800-SAMSUNG. 30 English English 31 04 Advanced Features Media Play ¦ Connecting a USB Device 1. Turn on your TV. 2. Connect a USB device containing photo, music and/or movie fi les to the USB 1 (HDD) or USB 2 port on the back or side panel of the TV. 3. When USB is connected to the TV, popup window appears. Then you can select Media Play. ¦ Connecting to the PC through network You can play pictures, music and videos saved on your PC through a network connection in the Media Play mode. . If you use Media Play through saved file on your PC, you should download “PC Share Manager” and users manual from “1. For more information on how to confi gure your network, refer to “Network Connection.” (p. 25). – You are recommended to locate both TV and PC in same subnet. The fi rst 3 parts of the subnet address of the TV and the PC IP addresses should be the same and only the last part (the host address) should be changed. (e.g. IP Address: 123.456.789.**) 2. Using a LAN cable, connect between the external modem and the PC onto which the Samsung PC Share Manager programme will be installed. – You can connect the TV to the PC directly without connecting it through a Sharer (Router). Enjoy photos, music and/or movie fi les saved on a USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) device and/or your PC. LAN Cable PC External Modem (ADSL / VDSL / Cable TV) LAN Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter Wireless IP Sharer TV Rear Panel or Modem Cable LAN Cable LAN Cable LAN Cable MEDIA.P USB Drive TV Rear Panel or SUM Change Device View Devices E Enter R Return MediaPlay Videos Advanced Features . No supported functions when connecting to the PC through network: • The Background Music and Background Music Setting functions. • Sorting files by preference in the Photos, Music, and Videos folders. • The .. (REW) or . (FF) button while a movie is playing. . The Divx DRM, Multi-audio, embedded caption does not supported. . Samsung PC Share manager should be permitted by the firewall programme on your PC. . When you use Media Play mode through a network connection, according to functions of the provided ser...

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