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Istruzioni per l'uso Samsung, Modello UE40C6700US

Produttore : Samsung
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Facilità d'uso

NOTE • Configure the network settings before using Internet@TV. For more information, refer to “Network Connection” (p. 28). • Unsupported fonts within the provider’s content will not display normally. • Slow responses and/or interruptions may occur, depending on your network conditions. • English may be only supported in application depending on region. • This feature is not available in some locations. • If you experience a problem using a application, please contact the content provider. • According to circumstances of the contents provider, an application’s updates or the application itself may be discontinued. • Depending on your country’s regulations, some applications may have limited service or not be supported. Screen Display TV Screen: Login BMark as Favourite Sort by R Return My Applications Recommended by Date 1/1 SettingsSamsung Apps Recommended Applications: Displays the current channel. Displays the recommended service by Samsung. You are not able to add or delete a service in this list. Information: Displays notices, new applications, and advertisements brought to Downloaded Applications: you by Samsung product Displays the downloaded applications introductions. through the Samsung Apps. Application service: You can experience various service by provided samsung. Internet@TVSettings: Controls: Edit and configure applications • Red (Login): To log in to Internet@TV. and Internet@TVsettings. • B Green (MarkasFavourite): To mark the applications as a favourite. • Blue (Sortby): To sort the applications. • R Return: To return to the previous menu. . The colour buttons may work differently depending on the application. 46 English Account Login For a application with multiple account, use < and > to access the different account. adminLoginUser account: Password: Create [0~9] Enter PIN R Cance . For a more enjoyable application experience, register and log in to your account. . For instructions on creating an account, refer to Settings> Internet@TVID> Create. 1. Press the Red button in Internet@TV home page. 2. Select desired User account, then press the ENTERE button. . If you want create account, press Red button; then create account OSD window appear. 3. Enter the Password. . When login succeeds, User accountwill be displayed on the screen. ¦ Setting up Internet@TV Settings Create IDs and configure Internet@TV settings from this screen. Highlight Settings using ^ and Ў buttons and press the ENTERE button. R Return Settings . System setup . Internet@TV ID . Service Manager . Properties . Ticker Autorun : Off . Channel Bound Service : Off . Change the Service Lock password . Reset ¦ System Setup Ticker Autorun (Off/On): Enable/disable ticker autorun upon powering on the TV. . The Ticker application provides useful News, Weather, and Stock Market information. The Ticker application on Internet@TV must be downloaded to use this feature. . Depending on your country, the Ticker application may have different service or not be supported. Channel Bound Service (Off/On): Some channels support applications as an Internet data service, allowing you to access the Internet service while watching TV. . Only available if supported by the broadcaster. Change the Service Lock password . The default password set is “0-0-0-0.” . If you forget the password, press the following sequence of remote control buttons to reset the password to “0-0-0-0”: POWER (off) > MUTE> 8 > 2 > 4 > POWER (on). Reset: Resets Internet@TV settings to factory default settings. ¦ Internet@TV ID You can use this menu when creating, deleting the account. You can control your account including contents site’s account information. . Account is only for internet@TV. Create: Create an account and link it with desired applications. . NOTE • Account will be made less than 10. • Maximum number of characters is 8. Manager – Service Site: Register login information for service sites. – Change Password: Change account password. – Delete: Delete the account. ¦ Service Manager: Delete and lock applications installed to Internet@TV. Lock: Lock the application. . Accessing a locked application requires the password. Delete: Delete the application. ¦ Properties: Display information about Internet@TV. Use the Check the speed of your internet connection option to test your network connection. 04 Advanced Features English 47 Advanced Features ¦ Using the Internet@TV service Samsung Apps Samsung Apps is a store for downloading applications to be used on Samsung TV/AV equipment. Users can enjoy a variety of contents like videos, music, photos, games, useful information etc. using the downloaded applications. Additional applications will be available hereafter. You Tube Login BThumbnail View Sort by R Return Samsung Apps What’s New? Video Sports Game Lifestyle Information Other My Page Help Featured Most downloaded Most recent Name YouTube TV store Test User002 Free . Using the colour buttons with the SamsungApps. Red (Login): To log in to the internet service. x...

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