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Istruzioni per l'uso Samsung, Modello PS42B450B1W

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Facilità d'uso

• Screen Mode When setting the picture size to Auto Wide in a 16:9 wide TV, you can determine the picture size you want to see the 4:3 WSS (Wide Screen Service) image or nothing. Each individual European country requires different picture size so this function is intended for users to select it. • 16:9: Sets the picture to the 16:9 aspect ratio. • Wide Zoom : Select this menu to view 4:3 aspect ratio pictures over a 16:9 aspect ratio TV by stretching the 4:3 picture vertically. • Zoom: Stretches the 16:9 aspect ratio picture vertically. • 4:3: Selects the screen mode as 4:3. N This function is available in Auto Wide mode. N This function is not available in PC, Component or HDMI mode. • Digital NR > Off / Low / Medium / High / Auto If the broadcast signal received by your TV is weak, you can activate the Digital Noise Reduction feature to help reduce any static and ghosting that may appear on the screen. N When the signal is weak, select one of the other options until the best picture is displayed. • HDMI Black Level > Normal / Low You can directly select the black level on the screen to adjust the screen depth. N This function is active only when the external input connects to HDMI (RGB signals). English - 18 Continued... • Film Mode You can optimize the picture mode for watching movies. • Off : Basic video image processing applied and No auto-detection for film-based programs. • Auto: Automatically adjusts for the best image quality between film and video programs. • Screen Burn Protection Configures the Screen Burn Protection Options to prevent and reduce pixel burn. When an image remains in one position too long, it may cause a permanent burn on the screen. • Pixel Shift: To reduce the possibility of screen burn, this unit is equipped with screen burn prevention technology. This technology enables you to set picture movement up/down (Vertical) and side to side (Horizontal). The Time setting allows you to program the time between movement of the picture in minutes. N Set Pixel Shift to On by pressing the ^ or Ў button, then press the ENTEREbutton. N Select the required option by pressing the ^ or Ў button, then press the ENTERE button. N Available options: Horizontal, Vertical, Time. N Optimum condition for pixel shift Item TV/Ext/AV/Component/HDMI/PC Horizontal 0~4 2 Vertical 0~4 2 Time (minute) 1~4 min 3 min N The Pixel Shift value may differ depending on the monitor size (inches) and mode. N This function is not available in the Screen Fit mode. • Scrolling: This function helps remove after images on the screen by moving all the pixels on the PDP according to a pattern Use this function when there are remaining after images or symbols on the screen especially when you displayed a still image on the screen for a long time. • Side Grey: When you watch TV with the screen ratio of 4:3, the screen is prevented from any damage by adjusting the white balance on both extreme left and right sides. -Dark: When you set the screen ratio to 4:3, it darkens the left and right sides. -Light: When you set the screen ratio to 4:3, it brightens the left and right sides. English - 19 English - 20 Using the 3D Function You can enjoy 3D movies and games on your TV. The 3D effects function enables you to view 3D images using special 3D glasses. . Connections 1. Connect a HDMI/DVI cable between the HDMI IN 2(DVI) jack on the TV and the PC output jack on your computer. 2. Connect a 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable between the DVI AUDIO IN jack on the TV and the Audio Out jack of the sound card on your computer. 3. Connect the Emitter to the 3D SYNC OUT port on the rear panel of the TV. 4. Turn the TV on and set the source of the TV to HDMI2/DVI. N For more information on the 3D glasses (including the Emitter), refer to the user manual of your 3D glasses. N Adjust the PC resolution: - PS42B450/PS42B451 : 1024 x 768@60Hz - PS50B450/PS50B451 : 1024 x 768@60Hz, 1360 x 768@60Hz N Optimum PC resolution for PS50B450/PS50B451 is 1360x768. When 1024x768 signal is connected in 3D mode, the picture will be shown in 4:3 format with left and right side grey bars appeared. N The 3D IR Emitter communicates with the 3D glasses. Therefore, the 3D IR Emitter should be located near the 3D glasses. N It is activated when the HDMI or DVI input signal is RGB, and DVI Sound is supported. N When the power is turned on or off, the mode changes to the default (Off) and the Format is saved. N To use the 3D Effect function, a graphics card supporting 3D or 3D software is required. N The 3D glasses and the Emitter must be manufacturer by the same company. N If you play a game or watch TV while wearing the 3D glasses for long periods of time, you may experience eyestrain or a headache. N 3D glasses (including the Emitter) not manufactured by Samsung may not be supported. N If you fi nd the screen fl ickering while the 3D function is used, change the environmental lighting darker or turn off the fl uorescent lamp to watch the screen for its best condition. N The ...

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