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Istruzioni per l'uso Bajaj Electricals, Modello HT65/MB165

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CAUTION Do not try to correct a malfunctioning carburetor by adjusting the idling speed. If the carburetor is not functioning properly, it should be repaired by a service center. Adjust idling speed only when the engine is warmed up or 10 minutes after operation. ADJUSTMENT OF REAR BRAkE 1. The front brake hand grip should have free operating movement of 5-7mm (.2-.3in) . 2. To make adjustment, turn rear adjusting nut clockwise to reduce and counterclockwise to increase the free operating movement of the hand brake. 3. Brake shoes should be replaced by a qualified service technition once brake shoes are worn . 5-7mm free play (. -. in) Brake cable Rear brake arm Rear brake adjusting nut ADJUSTMENT OF CHAIN 1. When chain adjustment is needed, loosen rear axle bolt . 2. Turn the chain adjusting nuts on the left and right sides to adjust the tension of the chain and to align the marking of the chain adjuster with the engraved lines in the similar position on both sides. 3. Tighten rear axle bolt by a torque of 50-60Nm (37-44 ft.lb.). 4. Repetitively check the tension of the chain. Rear axle bolt 15-20mm 1/2” - 3/4” Chain adjusting nut Both Sides GREASING PROCEDURES TO THE DRIvING CHAIN 1. Shut off the engine 2. Add light amounts of machine oil or chain grease to the driving chain. (Too much machine oil or chain grease may cause splattering to occur.) Attention: The chain should be replaced when the adjusting limit has reached it’s maximum. vEHICLE WASHING Cleaning the vehicle regularly can slow down the color fading of its body and make it easier to check if there is any damage and any oil leakage. CAUTION Washing the Mini Bike with over-pressurized water may cause damage to some of its components. Therefore, do use a pressure washer to clean the vehicle. The following parts should be cleaned using low pressure water: — Wheel hub — Exhaust pipe — Fuel tank and lower portion of cushion — Carburetor — Head lock and ignition switch — Meters 1. After pre-wiping, the vehicle should be washed with clean water to remove dirty residues so as to prevent corrosion. Plastic subassemblies should be cleaned by wiping with a cloth or foam soaked in neutral detergent solution, followed by washing with clean water. 2. After the cleaned vehicle is air dried, grease the chain and run the engine at idling speed for a few minutes. 3. Prior to driving, carefully check the braking system repeatedly and repair or adjust it if necessary. INSTRUCTIONS FOR STORAGE If the vehicle is not going to be used for a long period of time, for example, in winter time, some steps should be taken to prevent malfunction of and damage to its components which might be caused by long storage. Before storing the vehicle for a long period , proper maintenance has to be carried in case maintenance is not completed when the vehicle is put back into use after storage. 1. Change engine oil. 2. Drain off fuel from the fuel tank and carburetor, spray atomized anti-rust oil onto the inside wall of the tank and then close the tank. Dispose of any drained fuel properly so as not to adversely affect the environment. Attention: If the storage will last for more than one month, fuel in the carburetor must be fully drained. This will help ensure that the carburetor maintains its normal performance after the storage. Carburetor Drain screw WARNING Gasoline is flammable and may cause fire and even an explosion under certain conditions. Therefore, do not smoke, make a fire or have any fire around while draining off fuel. 3. Take out the spark plug, pour about 15-20ml (.5 - .68 oz.) of clean engine oil into the cylinder, step down on the kick lever repetitively several times so as to have machine oil distributed all over the engine and finally fit the spark plug back on. 4. Wash the vehicle clean, wipe it dry and apply an even coat of wax to the painted surface and a coat of anti-rust oil on the chrome-plated surfaces. 5. Inflate the tires as required and put the vehicle up on wooden blocks with the two wheels clearing the ground. 6. Put the vehicle in a shady and cool place free from humidity and direct sunlight and cover it properly (not with plastic or other painted materials). If there is a garage, store it within. RESUMPTION OF SERvICE AFTER STORAGE 1. Remove the covering and remove the wooden blocks used in storing the vehicle. Change the engine oil if the vehicle has been out of service for over 4 months. 2. Drain off the remaining atomized anti-rust oil from the fuel tank, followed by filling it with fresh gasoline therein. 3. Prior to driving, all the required check-ups must be made. It is better to drive it at a low speed in an open area to test its performance before normal operation. TABLE AND TORQUE OF FASTENERS Ser. No. Fastener Torque (Newton/m) (Foot/lb) 1 Front wheel axle nut 35-45Nm (26-33 ft.lb.) 2 Rear wheel axle nut 50-60Nm (37-44 ft.lb.) 3 Front Fork Bolts 45-47.5Nm (33-35 ft.lb) 0 Items of Maintenance MAINTENANCE SCHEDULEEach Use 1st Month or 20 ho...

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