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These hoods are specially conceived for combi steamers. The models detailed on this sheet are 4 hoods for 6 and 10 GN 1/1 and 10 GN 2/1 combi steamers, available in static or ventilated version. HOODS FOR COMBI STEAMERS ZANUSSI PROFESSIONAL FUNCTIONAL AND CONSTRUCTION FEATURES ♦ Built in AISI 304 stainless steel. ♦ Static models:they have to be connected through canalization to a remote extractor. ♦ On model with built-in fan, a built-in humidity sensor automatically activates the ventilation upon opening of oven door and automatically reduces the ventilation as the humidity decreases, unitl a minimal level of humidity is reached. The system guarantees the correct aspirated air flow based on different working conditions as well as high energy savings. ♦ All models need a direct and indipendent expulsion of the air to the outside. ♦ Endowed with “Dedalus” labyrinth filter based on the fat centrifugal filtration. The particular deflector elements disposition forces the intake air to change direction several times. The air fattest particles bump against filter elements and deposit on their internal sides. The labyrinth filter is easy to remove, providing quick access to the descaling pipe. ♦ The advantages of the 304 AISI mechanical filters compared with the traditional wire filters are: - easy cleanibility in dishwashers thanks to their smooth surfaces - constant efficiency thanks to the never obstructed filtering surface. ♦ Equipped with exhaust gas outlet chamber. ♦ Exhaust nominal capacity 1.500 cubic meters per hour. ♦ Developed and produced in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory. ♦ It is mandatory to install the flue condenser 640413 ( for Gas Oven 6&10 Gn1/1) or 640415 (for Gas Oven 10 GN 2/1) when using a gas oven TECHNICAL DATA CHARACTERISTICS MODELS KLW610GEM 640791 KLWV610GEM 640792 KLW10GE21M 640793 KLWV10GE2M 640794 External dimensions - mm width 895 895 1205 1205 depth 1220 1220 1369 1369 height 400 400 400 400 Power - kW installed-electric 0.42 0.42 Net weight - kg. 40 53 40 53 INCLUDED ACCESSORIES 304 S/S LABYRINTH FILTER H=250 MM 2 2 2 2 640791 LEGEND KLW610GEM 640791 KLWV610GEM 640792 KLW10GE21M 640793 KLWV10GE2M 640794 EI - Electrical connection Z > o o ö uo o CN CN Z > o o <£ CD cs| Üo CD CN CN OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES I MODELS I KLW610GEM KLWV610GEM KLW10GE21M KLWV10GE2M 640791 640792 640793 640794 FLUE CONDENSER F.HOOD-IO GN2/1 GAS OVEN 640415 640415 FLUE CONDENSER F.HOOD-6&IO 1/1 GAS OVENS 640413 640413 ZANUSSI PROFESSIONAL HHA01 2012-07-19 The Company reserves the right to alter technical specifi...

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