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Istruzioni per l'uso Rangemaster, Modello RMG2H60SS

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• Fix the pipe in position using sufficient pipe clamps (not supplied). • Remove any activated charcoal filters. RECIRCULATION VERSION AIR OUTLET • Insert the connection extension pieces laterally 14.1 in connection 15. • Insert the Connector 15 into the Support bracket 7.3 and fix it with a screw. • Make sure that the outlet of the extension pieces 14.1 is horizontally and vertically aligned with the chimney outlets. • Connect the air outlet connection 15 to the hood body outlet using either a flexible or rigid pipe o 150 mm, the choice of which is left to the installer. • Ensure that the activated charcoal filters have been inserted. EN 7 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION • Connect the hood to the mains through a two-pole switch having a contact gap of at least 3 mm. • Remove the grease filters (see paragraph Maintenance) being sure that the connector of the feeding cable is correctly inserted in the socket placed on the side of the fan. 7.2.1 Flue assembly Upper exhaust flue • Slightly widen the two sides of the upper flue and hook them behind the brackets 7.2.1, making sure that they are well seated. • Secure the sides to the brackets using the 4 screws 12c (2,9 x 9,5) supplied. • Make sure that the outlet of the extensions pieces is aligned with the chimney outlets. Lower exhaust flue • Slightly widen the two sides of the flue and hook them between the upper flue and the wall, making sure that they are well seated. • Fix the lower part laterally to the hood body using the 2 screws 12c (2,9 x 9,5) supplied. 12c22.12.212c12c EN 8 USE . . . . Control Panel The hood can be switched on pushing directly onto the requested speed without firstly having to select 0/1 button. KEY LED FUNCTIONS L 0/1 Light Turns lighting on and off. T1 0/1 Motor on First speed. When pressed for about 1 seconds the motor is switched off. T2 Speed on Second speed. T3 Speed on Third speed. T4 Speed Fixed Max. speed Flashing Intensive speed. Suitable for the strongest cooking vapours and odours. The function becomes active when the button is pushed for about 2 seconds. After 10 minutes of functioning it turns off automatically. This function can be interrupted by means of pressing any of the buttons. S1 Led Fixed Indicates that the Metal grease filters saturation alarm has been triggered, and the filters need to be washed. The alarm is triggered after 100 working hours. (Reset; check the Maintenance-paragraph) Flashing indicates that the activated charcoal odour filter saturation alarm has been triggered, and the filter has to be replaced; the metal grease filters must also be washed. The activated charcoal odour filter is triggered after 200 working hours. (Activation and Reset; check the Maintenance- paragraph)) EN 9 MAINTENANCE REMOTE CONTROL (OPTIONAL) The appliance can be controlled using a remote control powered by a 1.5 V carbon-zinc alkaline batteries of the standard LR03AAA type. • Do not place the remote control near to heat sources. • Used batteries must be disposed of in the proper manner. Cleaning the Comfort Panels • Pull the Comfort Panel to open it. • Disconnect the panel from the hood canopy by sliding the fixing pin lever. • The comfort panel must never be washed in a dishwasher. • Clean the outside using a damp cloth and neutral liquid detergent. • Clean the inside as well using a damp cloth and neutral detergent; do not use wet cloths or sponges, or jets of water; do not use abrasive substances. • When the above operation has been completed, hook the panel back to the hood canopy and close it by turning the knob in the opposite direction. EN 10 Grease filters CLEANING METAL SELF- SUPPORTING GREASE FILTERS Alarm signal reset • Switch off the lights and extractor motor. • Press button T3 for at least 3 seconds, until the leds start to flash. Cleaning the filters • The filters are washable and must be cleaned at least every 2 months of operation, or more frequently for particularly heavy usage. • Pull the Comfort Panel to open it. • Remove the filters one at a time by pushing them towards the back of the group and pulling down at the same time. • Wash the filters, taking care not to bend them. Allow them to dry before refitting. • When refitting the filters, make sure that the handle is visible on the outside. ATTENTION: Remove the filters one by one pushing them towards the back side of the hood and simultaneously pulling downwards and towards the centre of the hood (only in case of 60 cm hood version). EN 11 Activated charcoal filter (Recirculation version) The filter is not washable and cannot be regenerated. It must be replaced when led S1 flashes or at least every 4 months. The alarm signal will only light up when the extractor motor is switched on. Alarm signal activation • In Recirculation version Hoods, the Filter saturation alarm can be enabled on installation or at a later date. Turn the Lights and the suction Motor off. • Disconnect the Hood using the Main switch or the double-pole switch on the mains power supply...

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