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Istruzioni per l'uso Belson, Modello WSF1610

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Applying pressure, insert bottom pipe into the center opening of the base. On base underside, insert locking pin into bottom pipe hole (Fig.2). Using a Phillips screwdriver, slide locking pin over screw post and secure with screw provided. 2. Align top pipe to the connector indentation points on the bottom pipe. Place top pipe onto the connector. Turn top pipe to the left (from position 0 to position 1) to secure (Fig. 3). 3. Slide the fan housing neck connector down over the top pipe. Make sure tab in the fan housing neck connector is aligned with the slot on the end of top pipe. Push down until the fan housing neck connector snaps into place. 4. Mount the rear grille to the motor housing by matching the 3 holes on the rear grille to the 3 round pins on the front of the motor housing. Push in firmly until the 3 pins protrude through the 3 holes. 5. Secure the rear grille to the motor housing by placing the plastic collar onto threaded hub and turning clockwise to tighten. 6. Insert the blade onto the motor shaft, matching the slot on the back of the blade with the shaft pin (Fig. 1). Secure blade blade cap, turning counterclockwise to tighten. 7. Test blade operation by rotating it with your hand. There should be no friction with the plastic collar. If blade does not rotate freely, repeat steps 5 and 6. 8. Mount the front grille to the rear grille. Set the front and rear grilles facing up first then make sure the rim of grille fits well under the eight tabs of the rear grille. Snap grille frames together. Align the 2 holes on the sides of the front grille with the 2 screw posts on the inside of the rear grille. Insert screws provided through the holes on the a Phillips screwdriver screw to secure grille. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Place the fan on a safe, flat surface where it cannot fall or be pulled by the cord. 2. Control the direction of the airflow by firmly holding the fan housing in one hand and loosening the other. Push the fan grille back to tilt up or push it forward to tilt down. When in desired position, adjustment knob. NOTE: Fan Head tilts back completely and oscillates at an angle. 3. To make the fan oscillate, push down on the oscillating knob located on the top stop the fan from oscillating, pull up on the oscillating knob. Fan Head oscillates in any position. 4. Plug into an electrical outlet. 5. Turn the control switch to the desired speed. CARE AND CLEANING This appliance requires little maintenance and contains service personnel if servicing is needed. This fan is permanently lubricated and will not TO CLEAN: Before cleaning, turn fan off and unplug from ensure adequate air circulation to the motor, keep vents located at the rear of the motor cleaner hose can be used to clean these blade (Fig. 1). Grilles and blade may Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe fan parts. Do not allow water or any have dried completely. Do not plug fan into electrical TO STORE: Make sure to disassemble your fan. Always store fan Never wrap the c...

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