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Refer to your local Moffat Service Force Centre. Always insist on genuine spare parts. 3 YOUR APPLIANCE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS This cooker hood is designed to extract unpleasant odours from the kitchen, it will not extract steam. To obtain the best performance it is advisable to switch on the hood a few minutes before you start cooking and leave it running for approximately 15 minutes after finishing. Cooker Hood Controls M. Fan Speed Control Position 0 - Off Position 1 - Low Position 2 - Normal Position 3 - Boost L. Light ON/OFF control Position 0 - Off Position 1 - On L M 1 To Operate Open the visor and select the required functions. The appliance can be installed to recirculate or extract contaminated air. The cooker hood is more effective when used in the extraction mode. Recirculation The hood is supplied specified for use in the recirculation mode with the charcoal filter/s fitted. The contaminated air is cleaned by passing through the filters and then back into the kitchen. Extraction The contaminated air enters the hood passing through the grease filter and out through the ducting into the atmosphere. When the extraction mode is selected the charcoal filter is not required. Never do flambe cooking under this cooker hood. Take extra care when frying and never leave frying pans unattended during use, as overheated fats and oils can catch fire. Do not leave naked flames under the cooker hood. Ensure the visor is open when using the hob, even if the fan on the hood is not switched on. Ensure heating areas on your hob are covered with pots and pans when using the hob and cooker hood simultaneously. Extraction Mode Recirculation Mode 5 MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning isolate the cooker hood from the mains supply. The cooker hood must be kept clean, as a build up of grease or fat can be a fire hazard. External Cleaning Wipe the cooker hood frequently with warm soapy water using a mild detergent. Always wear protective gloves when cleaning the hood. Never use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners. Never use excessive amounts of water when cleaning particularly around the control panel. Synthetic Grease Filter The synthetic grease filter cannot be cleaned. It should be replaced approximately every three months or more often if the hood is used for more than three hours per day. It cannot be washed. To replace the synthetic paper grease filter 1. Open the visor. 2. Press inwardly on the two slide catches and lower the grille to the stop position. Raise the front edge of the grille through a 45° angle until it detaches itself from the guides. 3. Carefully ease out the metal wire retaining clips. 4. Clean the metal grille and clips before replacing the grease filter. Charcoal Filter The charcoal filter/s absorb the odours from cooking. They will slowly become saturated and gradually less effective. The charcoal filter cannot be cleaned, it should be replaced approximately every three months or more often if the hood is used for more than three hours per day. To Remove/Replace the Charcoal Filter/s 1. Remove the metal inlet grille. 2. Carefully turn the disk (C) anti-clockwise and remove the charcoal filter/s (B) from the motor support/s (A) as illustrated opposite. 6 3. Clean the metal inlet grille/s and motor support/ s before replacing the charcoal filter/s. 4. Place the new charcoal filter/s (B) over the motor support/s (A), and while holding the filter securely insert the disk (C) and turn clockwise. This appliance can be a fire hazard if the grease and charcoal filters are not replaced as recommended. Changing the Lamps If a lamp fails to function check that the lamp is securely screwed into the holder. To tighten the lamps t...

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