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Istruzioni per l'uso Broan, Modello 8160 D

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Please, keep to the provisions of official directives regarding fume discharge. Use of the cooker hood l This appliance is for domestic use only in a normal household. l Never leave any deep-frying, melting fat, paraffin or any other inflammable liquid unattended on the hob. In the event of fire: Immediately switch off the cooker hood and the cooker. Note! Cover the fire. Never use water. l Never do any flambe cooking underneath the cooker hood. It can cause a fire. Remember that overheated fat may spontaneously ignite. Never leave the frying pan unattended. . It is essential that the grease filter is regularly cleaned to help avoid fat dripping on to the hot zone and causing a fire. Read the section on “Maintenance and Cleaning” in the instruction book. Disposal l Prevent accidents when disposing of your cooker hood. Disconnect the power plug from the wall socket and cut the power cord at the hood inlet. Contact your local authority for information on where to dispose of the cooker hood. Description of the cooker hood Functions There are two possible systems: . Extraction of air to the outside using an optional venting kit and evacuation duct. . Recirculation using an optional carbon filter. Accessories The following are included with the cooker hood. . 1 Adaptor 150-125 mm . 2 Tube clamps . 1 hood canopy complete with controls, lighting and fan motor. l 1 telescopic chimney stack formed by: U-shaped upper section and U- shaped lower section. . 1 reduction flange O 150-125 mm. . 1 recirculation spigot. . 1 plastic bag containing: 2 wall hooks to fix the canopy hood, 1 wall bracket to fix the chimney, rawl plugs, screws, and documentation. The following can be ordered from your retailer: . Carbon, KF8 filter, alternatively KFL 60/80.The carbon filter is to be used when the hood is connected to the recirculation mode. Fig. 1 Using the cooker hood The control panel Best results are obtained by using a low speed for normal conditions and high speed when odours are more concentrated. The control panel has two switches; one for the lamp and one for the fan, enabling you to select one of three speeds. (Fig. 2). Turn the hood on a few minutes before you start cooking then you will get an underpressure in the kitchen. It should be left on after cooking for about 15 minutes or until all odours have disappeared. Fig. 2 Correct ventilation If the cooker hood is to work correctly there must be an underpressure in the kitchen. It is important to keep the kitchen windows closed and have a window in an adjacent room open. Important to know Not applicable for recirculation. Great care must be taken if the hood is used at the same time as a burner or fireplace (e.g. gas, diesel, coal or wood heaters, water heaters, etc.), as the hood will expel air which is required by these other appliances. Attend to it by opening a window.The negative pressure in the room must not exceed 0,04 mbar to prevent fumes being drawn back into the room by the cooker hood. 5 Maintenanc...

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