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Istruzioni per l'uso Canon, Modello ZR900

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AUDIO SETUP Menu item Setting options CAMERA PLAY [OUTPUT CH] [ L/R], [ L/L], [ R/R] – ..42 [WIND SCREEN] [ AUTO], [ OFF ] ..1 ..2 – [12bit AUDIO] [ STEREO1], [ STEREO2], [ MIX/FIXED], [ MIX/VAR.] – ..42 [MIX BALANCE] – ..– [AUDIO MODE] [ 16bit], [ 12bit] ..– 41 1 Option available only when the mode switch is set to . Option available only when dubbing audio with the built-in microphone. [WIND SCREEN]: The camcorder automatically reduces the background sound of wind when recording outdoors (only while using the built-in microphone). • The wind screen cannot be turned off when the mode switch is set to . [MIX BALANCE]: When [12bit AUDIO] is set to [ balance with the joystick. MIX/VAR.], adjust ( ) the sound • The camcorder will retain the audio balance adjustment, however if you turn off the camcorder, [12bit AUDIO] will be reset to [ STEREO1]. DISPLAY SETUP Menu item Setting options CAMERA PLAY [BRIGHTNESS] ....– [BACKLIGHT] [ NORMAL]1, [ BRIGHT] ....26 [TV SCREEN] [ ON], [ OFF] ..– – [ ON], [ OFF] – .. [MARKERS] [ OFF], [ LEVEL], [ GRID] ..– – [DISPLAYS] [ ON], [ OFF] – ..– [6SEC.DATE] [ ON], [ OFF] – ..– [DATA CODE] [ OFF], [ DATE], [ TIME], [ DATE & TIME] – ..36 [LANGUAGE]2 Language Set A: [ ], [ENGLISH], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ] Language Set B: [ENGLISH], [ ],[ ], [ ] ....24 [DEMO MODE] [ ON], [ OFF] ..– – 1 The default setting is [ adapter. BRIGHT] when you power the camcorder using the compact power 2 The list of languages available depends on the region of purchase. [BRIGHTNESS]: Adjust ( ) the brightness of the LCD display with the joystick. • Changing the brightness of the LCD display does not affect that of the viewfinder or the recordings. [TV SCREEN]: When set to [ ON], the camcorder’s on-screen displays will appear also on the screen of a connected TV or monitor. When the date and time are displayed on the camcorder’s screen they will also appear on a connected TV regardless of the [TV SCREEN] setting. Turn off the date/time display with the [DATA CODE] setting ( 36). Additional Information [MARKERS]: You can display a grid or a horizontal line at the center of the screen. Use the markers as a reference to make sure your subject is framed correctly (vertically and/or horizontally). • Using the markers will not affect the recordings on the tape. [DISPLAYS]: You can hide the on-screen displays to show only the playback picture on the full screen. • Tape operation displays appear for 2 seconds. • Warning messages and the data code (if activated) will appear, even when set to [ OFF]. • All on-screen displays will appear while the playback image is magnified or a digital effect is activated. [6SEC.DATE]: When you start playing back a tape or when the date of the recording changes, the date and time will be displayed for 6 seconds. [DEMO MODE]: The demonstration mode displays the camcorder’s main features. It starts automatically when the camcorder is powered with the power adapter if you leave it turned on without loading a recording media for more than 5 minutes. • To cancel the demo mode once it started, press any button, turn off the camcorder or insert a videocassette. SYSTEM SETUP Menu item Setting options CAMERA PLAY [WL.REMOTE] [ ON], [ OFF ] ....– [BEEP] [ HIGH VOLUME], [ LOW VOLUME], [ OFF] ....– [POWER SAVE] [ ON], [ OFF] ..– – [WL. REMOTE]: Allows the camcorder to be operated with the wireless controller. [BEEP]: A beep will accompany some operations like turning on the camcorder, the self- timer countdown, etc. It also serves as a warning beep under unusual conditions. [POWER SAVE]: In order to save power when the camcorder is powered by a battery pack, it will automatically shut off if left without any operation for 5 minutes. Approximately 30 seconds before the camcorder shuts off, the message “ AUTO POWER OFF” will appear. DATE/TIME SETUP Menu item Setting options CAMERA PLAY [T.ZONE DST] List of world time zones. ....24 [DATE/TIME] – ....25 [DATE FORMAT] [Y.M.D (2008.1.1 AM 12:00)], [M.D,Y (JAN. 1, 2008 12:00 AM)], [D.M.Y (1.JAN.2008 12:00 AM)] ....– [DATE FORMAT]: Changes the date format for on-screen displays. Additional Information Troubleshooting If you have a problem with your camcorder, refer to this section. Consult your dealer or a Canon Service Center if the problem persists. Power Source The camcorder will not turn on or it turns off by itself. The cassette compartment cover will not open or it stops halfway while you insert or remove a tape. The LCD/viewfinder switches on and off. -Battery pack is exhausted. Replace or charge the battery pack ( 17). -Attach the battery pack correctly. -Use the compact power adapter. The charge indicator flashes rapidly. - (one flash at 0.5-second intervals) Charging has stopped because the compact power adapter or the battery pack is faulty. Consult a Canon Service Center. - (two quick flashes at 1-second intervals) Battery pack at least 50% charged ( 18). This is not a malfunction. Battery pack will not charge. -C...

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