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Istruzioni per l'uso DeLonghi, Modello KD-3S60IX

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In the case of assembly of the appliance in the suction version prepare the hole for evacuation of the air. • We recommend the use of an air exhaust tube which has the same diameter as the air exhaust outlet hole. If a pipe with a smaller diameter is used, the efficiency of the product may be reduced and its operation may become noisier. • Warning! Plastic spacer fitting. This product may also be supplied with a plastic spacer O, which should be fitted before the hood is installed (Fig. 2a). Fix the spacer to the hood using screws P (Fig. 2a). To assemble the unit correctly, align the front panel of the hood with the wall cabinet and decide on the distance necessary to fill in any space remaining between the hood and the wall. Once the distance has been established, use a cutter to remove the excess plastic (Fig. 2a). • INSTALLATION The following instruction should be followed to carry out the correct installation of the cooker hood. 1) Mounting of the cooker hood on the lower side of the cupboard. 2) Selection of the version (extraction or filtration) - 18 • FIXING THE HOOD TO THE LOWER PART OF THE WALL CABINET This type of appliance must be fitted inside a cabinet or inside another type of support structure.To fix it in place, use 4 screws which are suitable for the type of cabinet, making holes in accordance with the diagram shown in (fig. 1).To fit the appliance correctly, align the front panel of the cooker hood with the cabinet door and adjust spacer E using screws P (fig. 2), then ensure the appliance meets the cabinet at the rear. • EXTRACTION THROUGH AN OUTSIDE WALL The appliance expels the fumes through an outside wall or a duct. It is necessary to buy a telescopic pipe in accordance with the standards in use (inflammable) and connect it to flange B (Fig 3). • RECIRCULATION To transform the cooker hood from the extraction version to the re circulating one ask your supplier for an activated carbon filter. The filter must be fitted to the extracting group cooker hood in the centre of the fan grille by twisting it by 90 degrees until it is gripped securely (Fig 6). For this operation remove the anti-grease filter(s) G (Fig 5). The clean air is returned into the room through a connecting tube passing inside the cupboard and connected to the ring B (fig 4). USE AND MAINTENANCE • We recommend that the cooker hood is switched on before any food is cooked. We also recommend that the appliance is left running for 15 minutes after the food is cooked, in order to thoroughly eliminate all contaminated air. The effective performance of the cooker hood depends on constant maintenance; the anti-grease filter and the active carbon filter both require special attention. • The anti-grease filter is used to trap any grease particles suspended in the air, therefore is subject to saturation (the time it takes for the filter to become saturated depends on the way in which the appliance is used). The acrylic filter, which is found resting on the grille, should be replaced when the text, visible through the grille, changes colour and the ink spreads; the new filter should be fitted in such a way that the text can be seen through the grille from outside the cooker hood. If the filters do not have any text on them, or if metal filters or aluminium panel filters are used, they should be washed every 2 months in order to prevent the risk of fire. To wash the filters, proceed as follows: - Remove the filter from the grille and wash it using a solution of water and neutral liquid detergent, leaving the dirt to soften. - Rinse thoroughly with warm water and leave to dry. The metal filters and/or aluminium panel are also dishwasher safe. If the filters are made using aluminium, or if an aluminium panel is used, after a few washes the colour may change. This does not mean they have to be replaced. If the replacement and washing instructions are not followed, the anti-grease filters may present a fire hazard. • The active carbon filters are used to purify the air which is released back into the room. The filters are not washable or re-usable and must be replaced at least once every four months.The active carbon filter saturation level depends on the frequency with which the appliance is used, the type of cooking performed and the regularity with which the anti-grease filters are cleaned. • Remove build-up from the fan and other surfaces of the cooker hood regularly using a cloth moistened with denatured alcohol or non-abrasive neutral liquid detergent. • The light on the cooker hood is designed for use during cooking and not for general room illumination. Extended use of the light reduces the average duration of the bulb. • Replacing halogen light bulbs (Fig. 8). To replace the halogen light bulbs B, remove the glass pane C using a lever action on the relevant cracks. Replace the bulbs with new ones of the same type. Caution: do not touch the light bulb with bare hands. MICROSWITCH (fig. 9). Warning! This hood is fitted with a mic...

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