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Istruzioni per l'uso Brada Appliances, Modello YPL3-08C

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WARNING: 1. Do not use the TEST and RESET buttons as “ON” and “OFF” switches. 2. Do not press the TEST button while the air conditioner is operating 3. The cord and plug are designed for indoor use only. 4. Periodically examine the cord for any damage. If the shield gets exposed, immediately unplug the power cord and do not use the unit. SAFETY PLEASE READ ALL THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS APPLIANCE . Only use this appliance for domestic purposes and in the way indicated in these instructions. Never use for any other purposes. . Do not use the appliance outside and always place it in a dry environment. . From time to time, check the cord. Never use the cord, the plug or the appliance when they show any sign of damage. The cord length of this product has been selected to reduce the possibility of being injured. Do not use your appliance with an extension cord unless it has been checked and tested by a qualified electrician or electrical supplier. . Keep the appliance away from hot sources and direct sunlight. . Always switch off the appliance before unplugging it. . Unplug the appliance before cleaning or changing any parts of the appliance or when it’s not in use. . Clean the appliance according to manual. . Make sure that the voltage rating on the type plate corresponds to your main voltage. Any error in connecting the appliance invalidates the guarantee. . Never leave the appliance unsupervised when in use. Switch off the appliance if you have to go away for even a short time. . Never pull the cord to unplug or move the appliance. . Never immerse the appliance in water or any other liquid for any reason. . Keep the appliance away from water or oil splashes. . Respect the instructions for cleaning. . Do not insert sharp metallic objects or fingers in the air swinging fins of the appliance. . Never repair the appliance yourself. All interventions made by a non-qualified person can be dangerous. As well any changing of the cord must be done by a qualified electrician. . Never use accessories non-delivered by the supplier. This could be dangerous and could damage the appliance. Special recommendations: . Install the portable air conditioner on a flat location with a large space, without obstacles. Leave a 50cm minimum space between the unit and the wall. . The plug shall be always accessible after its installation. . Always place the appliance in a vertical position, in order to maintain the compressor in good working condition. . Do not use the appliance near gas or other inflammable liquids. . Do not block the air outlet and inlet ventilation. . Do not use spray (insecticides, painting) or any other inflammable products near the appliance as the plastic case may be deformed. The unit may sustain electrical damage. . Power sources . The plug has to be well fixed and should not be damaged. . Do not plug in the appliance with an adaptor. . Plug into the wall socket before switching on the appliance then press on the ON/OFF button. THE MANUFACTURER WILL NOT ASSUME ANY RESPONSIBILITY IN CASE OF NON ADHERENCE TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS. READ THIS USER MANUAL CAREFULLY. INSTALLATION Selection of installation location Keep the unit on a flat surface and dry place. Leave at least 50cm space all around the unit. Installation Fix the exhaust pipe into the adapter, and then fix the other side of the exhaust pipe into the air outlet vent of the unit. (anti-clockwise) Fix the adapter into the window slider kit, and then half open the window to meet the width of the window slider kit. The length of the window slider kit is adjustable. CONTROL PANEL 1. POWER button: press this button to turn on/off the unit. 2. MODE button: press this button to select Cooling, Automatic adjusting mode or Fan mode 3. SPEED button: press this button to select high, low fan speed 4. Timer: when stand-by time press this key to set automatic time on; when running time press this key to set automatic time off. 5. UP button: press this button to set the temperature higher when cooling; press this button to adjust time longer when timing; to exchange Fahrenheit and Celsius when press both UP and Down button 6. DOWN button: press this button to set the temperature lower or higher when cooling; press this button to adjust time shorter or longer when timing; to exchange Fahrenheit and Celsius when press both UP and Down button. OPERATION METHODS Cooling mode Default Cool mode after operating the machine or press Mode button to choose Cool mode, the Cool mode indicator will flash. ·Press UP or DOWN button to set room temperature between 17. to 30.. ·Press FAN SPEED button (or High/Low button) to select high, low fan speed. Fan mode ·Press Fan button to choose Fan mode, the Fan mode indicator will flash. ·Select the fan speed by press SPEED button or press High / Low button directly. ·The temperature can not be set. Automatic adjusting mode ·Press Mode button to choose the automatic mode. Automatic mode indicator will flash. After choosing ...

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