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Istruzioni per l'uso Graham Field, Modello LUMEX 89101

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Secure the casters by inserting and tightening ^" screws into the pre-drilled pilot holes on the fittings with a Phillips screwdriver. Step 3 Insert the PVC back with mesh sling into the opening of the fittings. Secure the back with ^" screws. NOTE: Casters and PVC mesh back must be checked and secured prior to using the shower chair. Care Instructions: PVC Piping and Casters Wipe down piping with non-abrasive cleanser. DO NOT use solvents. Restore luster with Johnson's Pledge or similar spray wax. If casters are used in wet environments, keep lubricated with white lithium paste or similar lubricant; remove hair and mop-thread build up. Mesh Fabric (Sling) If laundering is required, use only COLD water in large machine with regular detergent and one-cup bleach. Do not use softeners or solvents. Spin-dry only, machine heat will shrink mesh fabric. Hang damp fabric on frame and allow to air dry, returning to its original shape. Footrest Remove soap build-up from sliding surface with a soft bristle brush and soapy solution. Lubricate sliding mechanism with furniture spray wax to restore ease in movement. Soft Seat Wipe with non-abrasive disinfectant wash. Avoid contact with sharp or rough surfaces. A CAUTION: DO NOT use chair if casters are rusted and fail to move easily or if cracks occur in fittings. Graham-Field Health Products 2935 Northeast Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30360 telephone: 800-347-5678, 770-447-1609 fax: 800-726-0601, 678-291-3232 GF0600015RevA06...

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