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Istruzioni per l'uso Lumex Syatems, Modello LUMEX 6909A

Produttore : Lumex Syatems
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Do not use this product without proper instruction from a healthcare professional. This product has a maximum user weight limitation of 250 lbs. GF Health Products, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by improper installation, assembly or use of this product. If components are damaged or missing, contact your Graham-Field Health Products dealer immediately. DO NOT use substitute parts. Installation Instructions ▲ Caution: Read before installation: This raised toilet seat is intended to fit most standard toilets. However, due to the large variety of toilets on the market, this unit may not fit every model, or could be damaged by certain models of toilet. If your toilet has raised or protruding points or sections on the top or inner ring of the bowl, do not use this raised toilet seat. Certain toilet bowls require the removal of the existing toilet seat and lid for proper fit. When properly installed, the raised toilet seat should sit flat on the top of the bowl lip and against the bowl's inner curved section. 1. Remove raised toilet seat from carton and protective packaging. 2. Lift lid and seat of toilet. 3. Place raised toilet seat on bowl rim as shown at right, ensuring that raised toilet seat rests flat on toilet bowl rim. Straighten unit on bowl rim. A WARNING: Do not use raised toilet seat unless it fits tightly on toilet bowl. Maintenance and cleaning Check for secure fit of raised toilet seat weekly. To clean raised toilet seat, wash with soap and water or a mild household detergent and rinse with clear water. To clean interior of raised toilet seat, flush with warm soapy water, then drain and allow to air dry for several hours. Never use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads on any part of raised toilet seat. WARRANTY The Everyday Raised Toilet Seat has a lifetime limited warranty. For additional warranty information, please contact your Graham-Field Health Products dealer. Graham-Field Health Products Atlanta, Georgia 30360 U.S.A. A WARNING: A WARNING: A WARNING: A WARNING: GF0500022REVA05 ©GF Health Products, Inc., April 2005...

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